We provide tailored package to our clients to assist them in growing their business profitability of with quality business advice and planning.​

Our office can provide assistance with business valuation and planning. The team at Dhir & Associates can help you with business advice and CFO services. We bring a wide variety of experience across many industries, which allows us to give custom-made advice to our clients’ needs. If you are unsure how we might be able to help you, our first meeting will be charged at set rate regardless of time spent so that all your needs are satisfied and all your queries are answered.

You can rely on our qualified accountants to help in every situation weather if you are buying or selling a business, planning for your retirement, or you require a valuation to determine Capital Gains Tax liability. Our accountants will provide you with expert, clear and point advice along with report which details the value of the business. We will help you to understand the factors that determine the value of your business, which can assist you in making financial decisions.

We are able to assist you with planning for future growth, including correct strategies to get you started and maximise the bottom line. We provide:

  • A current ‘snapshot’ of your business’s financial position
  • Advice and planning for growth strategies, including market expansion
  • Prepared and carefully evaluated business plans

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your business achieves growth in line with your financial and efficiency goals. All level of businesses will benefit from independent advice which can be provided by our friendly and expert team. We work through all levels of the business, providing advice on what is the most efficient and cost-effective structure for your requirements.

Abhay Dhir has experience and can perform in a Chief financial officer capacity for your business, offering a cost effective solution to your personal financial requirements. Whether you require this service for a temporary basis or longer term, we provide objective financial services including:

  • Independent in-depth periodical review of management accounts
  • Budgeting and updates based on actual results
  • Cash flow review and projections
  • Debtors and working capital review
  • Costs estimates and cost management
  • Insurance reviews
  • Company secretarial
  • Management of digital age developments
  • Price setting

The key areas of performance we monitor include profitability, efficiency and liquidity. Performance monitoring allows shareholders, business owners and upper management to see a clear picture of the operation of your business. We have wide range of procedures for measuring and monitoring the performance of your business. Using this information, we can provide business owners with qualified opinions on improving business strategies.

We at Dhir & Associates tell all our clients that Cash flow is the most essential part of the business as without this your business cannot be operate & manage successfully. Our qualified accountants can assist you in setting up current budgets for your business, as well as ongoing budgeting and cash flow projections to suit your business needs weather weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. This will help you to manage the growth and profitability of your business. We can also help you plan for times of minimal or reduced cash flow.

There are many things to consider when starting a business and it is easy to miss an important step when you are focused on the task at hand. We are registered agents with ASIC so our office can assist you when setting up a company or trust. Some of the areas we can help with include:

  • Choosing a business name
  • Establishing a business structure that will serve your needs and ASIC registration
  • Consulting and providing advice on the appropriate choice of operation (such as sole proprietorship, partnership, trust or private company)
  • Providing an objective view of the future position of your business, following careful industry analysis
  • Assisting with changeover of company details following a merger or new purchase (including business name and type, share details, address and banking information etc.)

Every family is different. We can use our experience to advise you how to structure transfers to the next generation and to protect against potential claims by others to the family assets.

Put simply, all our skills are applied to advise you as to the fair value of a target business, and to identify risks associated with the proposed purchase. Timely advice could save you from a bad mistake.

We can help you prepare your business for sale including a realistic assessment of what it might be worth. This process could extend to some years to achieve the best result.